Can Wedding Items Double As Home Décor?

Can Wedding Items Double As Home Décor?

Colorful mason jars and handprinted wooden signs look right at home at wedding receptions, and later in living rooms! Photo by: Tony Elena Smith Photo

Does the idea of having to box up and give away a bunch of decorations, which represent your hard-earned money, after your wedding day make you want to cringe? If so, before you start shopping for wedding décor, why not consider what you could invest in that would double as home décor long after your big day is done? From vase choices to wooden signs, here are some creative ways to both stretch your wedding budget, and even more importantly, prevent waste!

Shop for Pieces That Will Have a Long Shelf Life

Instead of shopping for wedding décor based on the latest trends, looking to your own tastes can be beneficial in a number of ways. First, it can help ensure that you choose items that will always seem like good choices, rather than items that might seem dated in only a few years. (After all, you’ll look back on wedding photos for decades. You want to feel proud of your choices.) Choosing decor that speaks to you, personally, also increases the likelihood that you will want to reuse your wedding decorations as home décor, for years to come.

For instance:

  • If you have always loved mixed metals, mix bronze candlestick holders with mercury glass votives. This creates a timeless look that can easily be put to use on your kitchen table or fireplace mantel for the holidays.
  • Love colorful, quirky art? Use mismatched frames painted bright colors to hold table numbers now, and to create a fun gallery wall after the wedding.
  • Want to create a vintage-inspired celebration? Mix old books, mismatched teacups and whimsical details (think birdcages, bronze animal figures and other quirky additions) to create layers of interest on your wedding tables. Then put them to use creating bookcase vignettes, later.
  • Love the look of rustic wooden signs? Have ones crafted that will look right at home in your house, after the wedding is done!

Better Yet, Start By Shopping Your Own Home

Of course, you can save even more money by shopping your own home – and close friends’ – before you head to any stores. You might be surprised how many vases you have lying around, candleholders or other elements that can be incorporated into your wedding décor, saving you money and ensuring they’ll have happy homes after the wedding.

Of course, starting with a beautiful wedding venue that needs little decoration is another savvy way to save money, and create a gorgeous wedding! So keep this in mind as you begin the planning process.

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