Creative Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Creative Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Small, potted succulents make great escort cards or thank you gifts for your wedding guests. Plus, they’re a gorgeous and affordable addition to your wedding flowers!

Do you love the idea of having lavish floral arrangements at your wedding, but worry that too many flowers will totally bust your budget? If so, don’t fret. There are lots of creative ways to make your budget stretch when it comes to wedding flowers. Best of all, you don’t have to skip out on beautiful blooms just to keep within your bottomline. Instead consider these simple tips and creative ways to have dreamy wedding flowers, without spending a small fortune on them!

Skip the Florist Vases

If you have ever looked at the prices of vases at your local florist, then you know all too well that these can quickly add to the overall cost of flowers, particularly when you’re planning on outfitting ten or more tables. To help save money, and also up the creative ante, skip traditional vases in favor of more personal choices. Yes, mason jars remain a popular choice, but they’re not the only way to display blooms. We love seeing brides get creative, and personal.

  • Having a brunch-themed wedding? Use coffee mugs and thrifted carafes to hold flowers.
  • Going for a rustic look? Collect old wooden boxes, and use simple jars within them, or even tin cans, to hold your flowers.
  • Mismatched ceramic pieces make great flower vessels. Go for an eclectic look with mismatched vintage Fiestaware, or create a sleek and streamlined look with various sizes of plain white pitchers. We also love the look of collected enamelware, perfect for a fall or camping-themed celebration, or jadeite!
  • And before you head out shopping, why not raid your own cabinets? You might be surprised how many pieces you’ve collected over the years, that could be put to use. You could also ask to borrow pieces from your mom or grandmother!

Use Filler Flowers to Create Bold Statements

Another way to stretch your flower budget is to opt for lots of “filler flowers.” After all, who says baby’s breath can’t be beautiful in its own right? Even mini carnations can be cute when placed in the right vessel.

When you meet with your florist, ask about what budget blooms will be in season, and plan to rely heavily on these, while mixing in more expensive flowers sparingly (think roses, lilies, peonies, etc.) for punch!

Opt for Potted Plants and Succulents

Finally, while it might seem a bit out of the box, don’t forget that potted plants are a great way to create a green, luscious ambience without spending a small fortune. Depending on when you’ll be marrying, chances are you can find reasonably priced potted plants or super trendy succulents inexpensively at local hardware stores or nurseries.

Use these to compliment your florist’s created centerpieces on reception tables, or even as cute and eco-friendly escort cards, which guests can then take home as their gifts. Potted plants also make great and simple ways to quickly decorate wedding ceremony sites! We love seeing a few beautiful seasonal blooms perched atop wooden logs or vintage tables, to create a focal point at outdoor wedding receptions!

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