How Can You Keep Your Little Ones Happy at Your Wedding?

How Can You Keep Your Little Ones Happy at Your Wedding?

If young children will be at your wedding, make sure you plan to keep them comfortable and happy during the celebration!

Will your kids be a big part of your wedding day? Whether they’ll be included in the ceremony or sitting on the front row, if you have young children who will be attending or even participating in your wedding, it’s important to have a plan in place for keeping them both comfortable and happy throughout your ceremony and reception. That way, you can trust that they will have a fun time, and just as importantly, so will you.

Everyone Needs a Good Night’s Rest

Both you and your kids will want to show up to the wedding feeling well-rested. So take this into consideration when planning accommodations for the night before your big day. This might mean having them stay with you, or it could mean asking a grandparent to serve as babysitter the night before. If you’ll be marrying in your hometown, having the kids stay at a place that is familiar can help to ease anxiety and ensure they’re comfortable enough to get a great night’s sleep, even if they won’t be spending that night with you.

Consider Hiring a Designated Babysitter

For the wedding day, itself, it’s also important to have a designated babysitter on hand who can keep an eye on the kids, and perhaps even take them home early, since they may be worn out long before the reception ends.

While you might be tempted to give this job to grandparents, just consider whether or not your parents will want to participate throughout the wedding day. In many cases, it actually makes more sense to hire a babysitter you trust, but who has less direct ties to the family. That way your friends and family can enjoy the day, and you can still trust your kids to get home safely.

Of course, another option is to hire a babysitter, or even several, to help watch your kids and even other guests’ kids at the wedding reception. Just make sure you talk to your wedding venue about whether or not there is a space that is safe and appropriate to do so.

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