How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part Two

How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part Two

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Did you have a serious case of sticker shock the first time you saw your dream wedding dress? Well, luckily there are some nearly surefire ways you can help to save money on your bridal look, without having to sacrifice your great sense of style in the process. Here are a few more great tips for saving money on your entire wedding look, from necessary alterations to gorgeous accessories!

Avoid Rush Shipping and Extra Alterations

Another way to simply save money is by being smart about ordering. In other words, you want to purchase your dress soon enough that you can avoid any expedited shipping fees, which can really add up.

This also gives your seamstress-of-choice more time to complete any necessary alterations, which can help you avoid even more rush fees.

Of course, another key to saving money on dress alterations is being smart and realistic about how you want your gown to fit, in other words not too loose or too tight. You should also be sure to wear the proper undergarments and shoes to your fitting, so you have alterations made accordingly.

Avoiding the need for second and third sets of alterations can help you save time, money and stress!

Consider Purchasing Your Accessories Online

Finally, even if you plan to purchase your wedding dress at a local boutique or shop, deciding to order any “necessary” accessories online can be another simple and cost-saving measure. For instance, unless you know that you want a veil that was made to compliment your specific dress (and even so, these are relatively rare), ordering one online can help save you quite a bit of money. Again, the key is to simply focus your search on reputable sites that will provide quality goods.

And as an added tip: don’t be afraid to ask to borrow a friend’s veil either. Most friends would be honored to provide you with your “something borrowed.” Just know what kind of style of veil you’re looking for, and what shade will best suit your dress, in other words ivory, champagne, or pure white, etc.

Jewelry, belts, headbands and other accessories often come with shockingly high prices at bridal stores. So don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for these items, particularly since you won’t have to worry as much about the fit as you will with your dress, itself.

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