How Do I Know If a Destination Wedding Is Really Right for Me?

How Do I Know If a Destination Wedding Is Really Right for Me?

Wondering whether a destination wedding would really live up to your dreams? Consider what’s most important to you, as a couple?

Ever since you were given your gorgeous engagement ring, have you been going back and forth about whether or not planning a destination wedding is really right for you? Many couples love the idea of getting married some place exotic, or even at a destination that is meaningful to them, but they wonder how feasible or affordable it really is to plan a destination wedding. If you are on the fence, here are some easy ways to find out whether or not a destination wedding is the right kind for you.

Where Do I See Us Saying “I Do?”

One of the simplest ways to determine whether a destination wedding is right for the two of you is by asking yourselves, “Where do we see ourselves getting married?” This simple question can actually be incredibly telling. Plus, it can eliminate the distraction of worrying about practicalities, when your first concern should actually be what matters most to the two of you!

Keep in mind a beach isn’t the only option for a destination wedding, either. Did you fall in love in your college town? Have a wedding there. Here at Texas Old Town, we love when UT alumni choose to host their weddings at our Austin-area venue, for instance. Was your favorite vacation a camping trip in Colorado? Make that your destination!

Who Do You Want to Be at Your Wedding?

Of course, another important question is who you want to be at your wedding. If you envision only your closest friends and family members surrounding you on your wedding day, then in many cases a destination wedding is not only possible, it’s ideal. Because of the travel involved, people tend to be understanding when couples want to keep their guest lists particularly small for a destination wedding.

This can be helpful for couples that love the idea of an intimate wedding, but worry about hurting coworkers or extended family members’ feelings by not inviting them. When you’re planning a destination wedding, most people understand the many reasons you will want and need to keep your invites to a minimum.

Planning Your Wedding?

If Austin, Texas is your dream wedding destination, then Texas Old Town’s beautiful, rustic Hill  Country venue could be perfect for your big day. Call Texas Old Town today for more information about our Austin-area wedding venue at 512.396.1800!