How to Enjoy a Beautiful Summer Wedding, Outdoors!

How to Enjoy a Beautiful Summer Wedding, Outdoors!

Love the great outdoors like BJ and Sara? Then use these helpful tips for planning a great outdoor wedding! Photo by: Geoff Duncan Photography

Are you hoping to have an outdoor wedding during your favorite season of all – summer? If so, it might be the wildflower fields and cotton candy-colored sunsets that you’re enamored with and hoping to enjoy. But have you considered the heat, the bugs and other factors that could make or break your summer wedding? Especially in the south, there are several important considerations to make before deciding if an outdoor summer wedding is really right for you, and if so, how to make sure it’s as much fun as you have always imagined it to be!

Help to Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable

If you’re thinking about an outdoor wedding ceremony, one of the simplest ways to ensure guests stay comfortable and cool is to simply ask your officiant to keep the service short and sweet. Asking guests to sit for more than 30 minutes in the blistering heat is simply not advisable.

Of course when you have the service can also be helpful. Opting for morning or evening services can limit sun exposure. Keep in mind the elderly and extremely young may be particularly sensitive in extreme heat, so be considerate of your guests when planning your summer wedding.

You can also talk to your venue about whether there will be any shade during the time you’ve chosen, and if so, try to seat guests to take advantage of it. Renting a tent can also help to provide shade, or you could supply guests with parasols, or simply sunscreen.

Enjoy an Air-Conditioned Reception Venue

When the sun goes down, the bugs tend to really come out, and that can really put a damper on an evening. So, if your heart is set on an outdoor cocktail hour or other portion of your celebration, it’s important to have plenty of bugspray available for your guests. Citronella candles can also be helpful at protecting them.

Just keep in mind that an indoor reception venue can really provide the utmost in comfort for your guests. Having supplies on hand to allow them time in the great outdoors can be helpful, but most guests would prefer to eat, and dance, in a well air-conditioned locale.

So make the most of both worlds, by considering an outdoor wedding ceremony and an indoor reception, where guests can comfortably dance the night away!

Looking for a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue?

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