How to Include Your Four-Legged Friend On Your Wedding Day!

How to Include Your Four-Legged Friend On Your Wedding Day! Part One

Do you want to include your best friend in your wedding? Is that friend a dog? If so, consider these simple tips for keeping your dog and your guests happy!

Is there no one on earth you love more than your pup, except for your fiancé, of course? If so, you may have already considered making your four-legged best friend a part of your wedding. But how? While wedding traditionalists might have once scoffed at the idea of making a pooch a part of a wedding and reception much less giving one a starring role, modern brides and grooms know that there’s nothing wrong with including their four-legged friends in their weddings days. After all, they’re really more than best friends. They’re family!

Ask Your Pup to Play Ringbearer or Even Best Man

Depending on the rules at your chosen wedding venue, why not consider making your dog your ringbearer or even your best man? The key to making this a special honor and not torture for your dog is to keep your dog happy before and during the wedding ceremony. How do you do that?

  • Make sure your dog(s) will have plenty of water and be in a comfortable climate leading up to the wedding ceremony. This might mean having him or her stay with a relative until close to start time, if there won’t be room for your dog with you or your groom as you get ready.
  • Choose someone you trust and that your dog already knows to play puppy sitter. This can help keep him or her calm.
  • Have someone your dog knows and likes lead her or him down the aisle.

Make sure your dog looks the part, with fresh grooming. Don’t be afraid to consider a bowtie or other special accessory, too.

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