Looking for an Alternative to Traditional Wedding Cake?

Looking for an Alternative to Traditional Wedding Cake?

Cookies are just one of the fun alternatives to traditional wedding cake!

Do you want to serve dessert at your wedding, but feel uninspired by traditional wedding cake? While it remains the going tradition, wedding cake isn’t for all couples. And that is more than okay. After all, there are lots of fresh alternatives to wedding cake, ones that will be just as fun to eat and sweet to share with your guests. How do you decide which dessert is right for you? Let your sweet tooth help you decide what to serve at your wedding reception!

Offer Unique Flavor Combos In the Form of Cake

If you like cake, just not the traditional wedding cake flavor, then why not look for a baker that specializes in unique flavor combinations? Many couples love the idea of combining simple cake layers with rich creams infused with their favorite flavors, from espresso to bourbon. You could also ask that unique ingredients be added right into your cake’s batter, or added as garnish. Chocolate-covered bacon strike your fancy? How about real lavender petals?

Think Small

Another way to distinguish your dessert course is by thinking small. While they may not be as trendy as they once were, most guests still love the taste and portability of cake pops, making them great for couples planning active receptions, or wanting to skip the cake cutting altogether. Cupcakes remain another popular option, and they lend themselves to offering a variety of flavors, which guests are sure to appreciate.

We’re also seeing more and more couples opt for miniature bundt cakes, or even bit-sized pies, as an alternative to other cakes. Sugar cookies cut out and decorated like wedding cakes are other great, small options.

Opt for Something Outside of the Bakery Box Altogether!

Of course, nothing says you have to choose something out of a bakery box, at all! If you want something that pairs well with the savory items on your dinner menu, then why not talk to your caterer about offering a variety of coordinated desserts. For instance, follow up your BBQ dinner with traditional southern desserts like banana pudding and fruit cobbler. Having a Mexican feast? Give guests churros, flan, or sopapillas to satisfy their sweet teeth.

Another option is to hire a separate food truck just for dessert, whether that means whoopie pies, ice cream sandwiches, dessert crepes or some other delicacy!

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