Month: June 2017

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use: Part Two

You have likely been to many weddings, yourself, where you received a wedding favor that was thoughtful and perhaps even cute, but not particularly practical. Perhaps you have even recycled several of those kinds of gifts before. If you want to avoid sending guests home with something they can’t really use or enjoy, then consider… Read more »

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use: Part One

Every couple wants their guests to have a great time at the wedding. It’s why they hire the best band or DJ they can afford, and make sure to select a caterer with lots of crowd-pleasing favorites. But, when it comes to planning wedding favors, many brides and grooms feel stumped about how to select… Read more »

Stretch Your Wedding Budget with These Simple Tips

Are you hoping to plan your dream wedding without spending a small fortune? In fact, now that you have established your wedding budget, are you a bit worried about how far you will be able to stretch it? If so, the great news is that there are lots of ways to help save money on… Read more »

How to Enjoy a Beautiful Summer Wedding, Outdoors!

Are you hoping to have an outdoor wedding during your favorite season of all – summer? If so, it might be the wildflower fields and cotton candy-colored sunsets that you’re enamored with and hoping to enjoy. But have you considered the heat, the bugs and other factors that could make or break your summer wedding?… Read more »

Who Does What On the Wedding Day? Part Two

Wondering what your bridal party should be doing before your wedding, you know besides generally supporting you and getting dressed? What about your parents, or your groom’s? Will they have responsibilities on the wedding day? While many wedding rules have become outdated, and couples are now regularly encouraged to plan weddings based on their own… Read more »

Who Does What On The Wedding Day? Part One

From the moment you got engaged you probably already knew who you want standing beside you when you exchange vows. What you might not know, though, even now that you’ve started wedding planning, is what responsibilities your maid-of-honor will have on your wedding day, much less who will tackle tipping wedding vendors, whether or not… Read more »

Looking for an Alternative to Traditional Wedding Cake?

Do you want to serve dessert at your wedding, but feel uninspired by traditional wedding cake? While it remains the going tradition, wedding cake isn’t for all couples. And that is more than okay. After all, there are lots of fresh alternatives to wedding cake, ones that will be just as fun to eat and… Read more »

How to Include Your Four-Legged Friend On Your Wedding Day!

Is there no one on earth you love more than your pup, except for your fiancé, of course? If so, you may have already considered making your four-legged best friend a part of your wedding. But how? While wedding traditionalists might have once scoffed at the idea of making a pooch a part of a… Read more »

Creative Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Do you love the idea of having lavish floral arrangements at your wedding, but worry that too many flowers will totally bust your budget? If so, don’t fret. There are lots of creative ways to make your budget stretch when it comes to wedding flowers. Best of all, you don’t have to skip out on… Read more »

What If I Don’t Want a Long Engagement?

Have you and your boyfriend been together so long that the idea of spending years planning your wedding seems almost unbearable? Perhaps you simply loathe the idea of a long engagement. Whatever the cause of your trepidation about a long timeframe leading up to your wedding, the great news is that you don’t have to… Read more »