Should I Hire a Wedding Band or DJ?

Should I Hire a Wedding Band or DJ?

Many couples love the idea of having a wedding band. But they might also think a DJ could be helpful in getting their wedding reception/party started. We say, why not have both?!

Wedding planning can be lots of fun. Of course, it can also be confusing. Are you still wondering whether the perfect soundtrack to your wedding reception is a wedding band, or a DJ? Many couples like the idea of both, and therefore struggle to figure out which is the right choice for them. In reality, either a band or a DJ could be a great choice. In some cases, both could be in order. The real key is to simply choose whatever music best suits your tastes, and the band or DJ that will help to create the reception ambience of your dreams!

How Do You Envision Your Wedding Reception Going?

If you are hoping to have a bonafide dance party at your wedding reception, then the real question is who is going to be best at getting people on the dance floor? It helps to know your audience, here, in other words your wedding guests.

If they love a single type of music, like jazz or swing, for instance, a wedding band could be a great option. Simply find one that specializes in the wheelhouse you and your guests love.

On the other hand, if you have a group with eclectic musical tastes, and dance moves to show off, a DJ could be a great option. DJ’s can play a wide variety of music. Plus, they are generally good emcees, as well, great at keeping guests entertained.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go with Both!

Budget-permitting, you shouldn’t be afraid to hire both a wedding band and a DJ. In fact, many couples find this approach a worthwhile investment, particularly those who are all about the party aspect of the wedding reception.

A DJ can help greet guests upon arrival, and instruct them when it’s time to have cake, or toasts. Of course, DJs can also help fill gaps when the band inevitably needs to take a break.

On the other hand, a wedding band can help bring real energy to your wedding reception. It also brings an element of surprise. So don’t be afraid to hire a band, DJ, or both! Just follow your heart, and maybe your dancing feet!

Planning Your Dream Wedding Reception?

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