Stretch Your Wedding Budget with These Simple Tips

Stretch Your Wedding Budget with These Simple Tips

Rachel and Brian chose to host their wedding ceremony inside of Sage Hall, here at Texas Old Town. Photo by: Tony Elena Smith Photo

Are you hoping to plan your dream wedding without spending a small fortune? In fact, now that you have established your wedding budget, are you a bit worried about how far you will be able to stretch it? If so, the great news is that there are lots of ways to help save money on your wedding, without sacrificing your vision, to do so. You just need to know a few smart ways to shop, and some general planning tips!

Book Your Wedding On an Off Day

One of the easiest ways to save money is by considering a so-called off day for your wedding. Saturday remains the most popular time of the week to wed, so simply choosing a weekday date or even a Sunday can often result in savings.

From the wedding venue, to the photographer and the caterer, while not all vendors offer discounted rates, it doesn’t hurt to politely ask.

Of course, there are also off-seasons for weddings, so choosing a date that is in a less popular season can help increase the likelihood that your favorite vendors will be available. Some might offer seasonal discounts, as well.

Choose a Venue That Offers Lots of Extras

While you might be tempted to book the most inexpensive wedding venue you can find, this can often backfire in the long run. If you choose a venue that doesn’t provide you enough time, for instance, you may have to pay for additional hours. Venues that don’t provide tables or chairs also require additional rentals and possible delivery fees, as well.

So as you’re shopping for your wedding venue, pay attention to the amenities offered. Not only can this help save you money, over all. It can also help to reduce the stress of booking additional vendors just for items some venues might include with their services.

Searching for Your Wedding Venue?

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