What If I Don’t Want a Long Engagement?

What If I Don’t Want a Long Engagement?

Want to forego the long engagement? It’s totally possible, with some smart planning and realistic expectations, that is!

Have you and your boyfriend been together so long that the idea of spending years planning your wedding seems almost unbearable? Perhaps you simply loathe the idea of a long engagement. Whatever the cause of your trepidation about a long timeframe leading up to your wedding, the great news is that you don’t have to follow any rules about when to wed. Sure, long engagements can be helpful for some. That doesn’t mean a long engagement is right for you!

Don’t Feel Constricted to Other People’s Wedding Timelines or Schedules, Not Even the Experts’

Yes; wedding websites are filled with sample engagement timelines, mean to help take the guesswork out of wedding planning. But that hardly means that those timeframes are the only way to successfully plan a wedding.

If you already have a date in mind for when you want to wed, and that’s months away instead of years, simply look for timelines catered to shorter engagements. Or, create your own, using the general guides as checklists for tasks rather than timelines. Just keep in mind you may need or want to forego some traditional elements, for the sake of time (or funds). For instance, there’s really no need to send formal save-the-dates if you’ll be marrying in a few months. Consider emailing save-the-dates as soon as you lock down a date and wedding venue, and then get your formal invitations, with additional details, mailed out as soon as possible.

Follow Your Heart, and What Makes Sense for You, as a Couple!

Ultimately, it’s far more important that you do what is right for you as a couple than it is to follow any prescribed guidelines or even perceived wedding “rules.” Your loved ones, the best ones at least, want to see you happy, much more than they need to see a traditional wedding. So keep this in mind as you begin wedding planning.

And when faced with tough decisions, like when to wed, default to what makes the most sense for you, as a couple! That’s what really matters, anyways, starting this next chapter of your life, together.

Want to Have Your Dream Wedding, Now?

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