What Your Wedding Vendors Really Want You to Know: Part One

What Your Wedding Vendors Really Want You to Know: Part One

Little details can make a big impact on your wedding, but they should not be a source of stress on your special day!

Now that you are engaged, do you feel like you dove head first into the throes of wedding planning? That can be a stressful place to be. After all, there are just so many decisions to be made, from what kind of flowers to carry to what kind of car to leave your reception in. Wedding planning can feel daunting, and at times, flat-out overwhelming. While your wedding planner, if you’ve hired one, is a great resource in helping you make these decisions, he or she isn’t the only one that can be a great asset as you plan your big day. Your entire vendor team can be a great resource. After all, these professionals have likely attended – and worked – dozens if not hundreds of weddings, and together they represent years of hard-earned experience and expertise. With that in mind, here are just a few wedding tips we have found that most vendors really wish their brides knew!

Don’t Sweat the Relatively Small Stuff

While planning your wedding, you may be caught up in attending to every last, little detail. And that is great. Details can make for truly beautiful wedding receptions, and help to imbue personality and even meaning into your celebration.

That said, no matter how much planning you’ve done prior to the wedding day, itself, when the day does arrive it’s wise not to sweat the relatively small stuff.

In other words, your caterer might get stuck in traffic and have to start dinner 15 minutes late, rain might come just as you’re starting your family portraits (in which case the photographer can take them inside), or your ringbearer might fall asleep moments before the ceremony leaving the best man to carry the rings, himself. While these might seem like setbacks, in the big scheme of things they’re fairy small matters.

So rather than stressing about them, on your wedding day, just try to enjoy the moment, instead

In the end, the little things won’t matter nearly as much as the fact that you got to marry the love of your life surrounded by people that love and support you both! Plus, most wedding day mishaps make for great stories in the long-run. Keeping that in mind can help give you perspective, and help you stay present and appreciative on your wedding day.

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