Who Does What On The Wedding Day? Part One

TOT’s bride Amanda knew how important it was for her besties to be by her side on her big day!

From the moment you got engaged you probably already knew who you want standing beside you when you exchange vows. What you might not know, though, even now that you’ve started wedding planning, is what responsibilities your maid-of-honor will have on your wedding day, much less who will tackle tipping wedding vendors, whether or not your parents will need to help with decorating or cleaning up, and a lot of other logistical questions. In other words, who does what, when your wedding day rolls around. Knowing the roles of each person invited to your wedding, particularly close family members and your bridal party, can really help to alleviate stress. Best of all, it can help the entire wedding day go a little smoother, and more fun, and every bride wants that!

What Jobs Fall to the Maid-of-Honor and Best Man?

For your bestie, sister or whomever you’ve chosen to stand right beside you, the wedding day tasks are pretty simple and straightforward. She should help you get into your dress and provide you with any moral support or general help you might need leading up to the ceremony. She should also hold onto your groom’s ring for you, until it’s time for the vows. During the ceremony she should fluff your dress, if needed, and take your bouquet once you reach the altar. She should also be prepared to give a speech at the wedding reception, unless you plan to have speeches at the rehearsal dinner, instead!

On your groom’s side, the best man should share the same responsibilities, namely holding the wedding ring, helping with last-minute preparations, and giving a speech! He may also want to help decorate your getaway car, along with other members of the bridal party, and help make sure any wedding gifts get taken safely to your home.

The maid-of-honor and best man also make great witnesses for signing the wedding license, though this role can usually go to anyone close to the two of you.

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