Who Does What On the Wedding Day? Part Two

Who Does What On the Wedding Day? Part Two

Wondering what jobs your mom should have on your wedding day? What about your bridesmaids? We can help!

Wondering what your bridal party should be doing before your wedding, you know besides generally supporting you and getting dressed? What about your parents, or your groom’s? Will they have responsibilities on the wedding day? While many wedding rules have become outdated, and couples are now regularly encouraged to plan weddings based on their own needs and desires rather than outdated traditions, when it comes to who does what on the wedding day, it is still important to understand the roles your loved ones should be playing – and perhaps more importantly, those they shouldn’t – when your big day finally rolls around. That way everyone can enjoy the celebration, with as little stress as possible.

What Should the Rest of the Bridal Party Do?

While it’s not necessary, many brides and grooms are choosing to put their bridal parties to work, so to speak, asking that they hand out programs prior to the ceremony, or that groomsmen help usher guests to their seats. They might also be asked to help decorate the couple’s departure car.

But for the most part, the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s main job is to be by your side on your wedding day, offering general encouragement and helping hands, as needed.

For What Are Parents Responsible?

As for your parents, while it’s totally okay to accept their offers to help you on your wedding day, for instance by bringing food for you and your bridal party or overseeing the decorating of your reception venue, you don’t want to give them so many tasks that they get to the ceremony feeling exhausted. So limit the constraints on their time, and make sure they have plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the day alongside you.

This also means giving your mom plenty of time to get her own hair and makeup done, so she’s not frantically getting ready for formal photos just moments before. You may also want to invite her to help you get into your wedding dress, or to place your jewelry on you. This is a time-honored tradition that is still significant for many brides and their moms.

And remember to invite your parents and future in-laws to give toasts at the wedding, if they would like. For religious families, you can also invite your parents to share in a prayer together before or even during your wedding ceremony, or ask them to be part of the unity part of the service. You can also invite parents to give readings from favorite books or poems, if this better suits your style!

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