Alternatives to Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

Fun Alternatives to Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched vintage dresses are a fun and timeless take on bridesmaids attire. Photo by: Rebel with a Camera Wedding Photographers

As a bride, are you hoping to give your besties a chance to wear something other than traditional (and let’s face it, not always flattering) bridesmaids dresses? If so, the great news is that there have never been more gorgeous options for wedding attire for your whole party, including all your best pals. From tulle skirts to vintage sheaths, here are a few of our favorite trendy takes on non-traditional wedding wear!

Skirts and Blouses Can Be Great Options

Skirts can be a great option for bridesmaids, whether you choose glittery floor-length numbers or tea-length tulle pieces. A skirt can add whimsy, or rustic charm, depending on styling.

  • For instance, we love seeing bridesmaids here at our rustic wedding venue pair flowing skirts with chambray shirts and cowboy boots, for a relaxed yet upscale country look.
  • Or, go for gold, silver and other mixed metallics with a variety of sequined numbers, all paired with silk blouses in similar shades.
  • Floral skirts pair perfectly with crisp white poplin shirts, creating timeless yet effortless appeal.
  • Pleated maxi skirts are surprisingly easy to wear – and affordable – and they make great, whimsical wedding attire.

Have Girls Pick Their Favorite Vintage Dress

Another fabulous way to create truly one-of-a-kind bridal party looks is by inviting each of your bridesmaids to choose her own vintage frock. This could mean prom looks from the 50’s, or picnic-perfect dresses from the 60’s. Just keep the look intentional by asking them to all choose from a similar color palette, skirt length or styles, or create a quirky look by asking that they all pick bold floral patterns.

If they are having a hard time finding vintage pieces in great condition, check online. Or, opt for vintage-inspired pieces from national retailers!

Don’t Shy Away from Thematic Attire

Finally, themed attire doesn’t have to mean over-the-top costumes. If you’re using subtle nods to the 20’s to decorate your Gatsby-themed wedding reception, it’s only fitting that your bridesmaids wear sequined dresses inspired by the roaring 20’s. Having an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party reception? Cute blue dresses are just the right touch.

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