Band or DJ, What’s Right for Me?

Band or DJ, What’s Right for Me?

The right wedding band or DJ can really set the tone at your wedding reception!

Many couples are more excited about their wedding reception than any other part of their wedding planning. After all, who doesn’t love wedding cake, champagne toasts, and perhaps most importantly great tunes for dancing? With that in mind, sometimes the hardest decision brides and grooms-to-be have to make while wedding planning is whether to hire a wedding band or DJ, or even both! If you are on the fence about what tunes will best suit your wedding day dreams, here are a few helpful ways to narrow your options.

What Is Your Favorite Kind of Music?

If you and your fiancé share a love for the same kind of music, then a wedding band could be ideal. Simply find one that specializes in the style of your favorite tunes, and ask them to prepare many of your absolute favorite songs, along with others that suit that same style.

However, if you have differing tastes – or simply eclectic ones –a band might not be ideal. After all, even if the band you hire can play many of your favorite songs, they will likely only be able to do so efficiently in a single style (rock, country, jazz, etc.). So, if variety is what you desire from wedding reception music, a DJ could be the best choice!

Of course, for couples with enough room in their budget (and those that place high importance on music), hiring a wedding band and DJ can provide the best of both worlds! This allows you and your guests to enjoy the energy and unique nature of live music, plus the benefits of having a skilled emcee/DJ to keep guests entertained throughout the evening.

How Do You Want Guests Participating at Your Reception?

Another important thing to consider, though, is how you envision your guests participating in your wedding reception. If you are hoping to keep them on the dance floor all night, then choosing the right band or DJ is essential. Either can help to host an epic dance party. The key is simply picking one that can perform or play the kind of music that will get your loved ones up and out of their seats.

That said, you might envision a more laidback dinner party-type atmosphere at your wedding reception. Save your first dance, and a few other special dances, you might prefer the kind of music that invites guests to linger at their tables, lost in deep conversation. If so, be upfront with your band or DJ about when you’d like them to keep things relatively quiet and relaxed, that way your reception creates the vibe you’ve envisioned.

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