Charming Gift Ideas for Your Soon-to-be Groom

Charming Gift Ideas for Your Soon-to-be Groom

Cuff links are just one of the great choices for a groom’s gift. Not only can they be worn on the wedding day; they can also serve as a timeless reminder of your love.

Do you want to surprise your soon-to-be-groom by planning a wedding present he will enjoy opening on your wedding day, and yet treasure for years to come? If so, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. You simply need to get creative. That way, you can give him something both practical and personal on the biggest day of your life, the one when you proudly become his wife!

Keep His Feet Warm, Literally

If you hate the idea of your groom getting cold feet, why not do something about it? A festive pair of socks is one way to warm him up.

In fact, many groomsmen have been choosing to show off their fun, nerdy, or even super sides, when it comes to their socks, by choosing colorful pairs that showcase their personalities, discreetly. Just make sure your photographer knows there is a photo op in the making.

A new pair of shoes is another great choice, particularly a pair he’s been eyeing. They don’t have to be for the wedding day, either. In fact, it’s probably best that he not wear a completely new, and unbroken in pair down the aisle. Ouch!

Lift His Spirits, So to Speak

Another classic groom gift, that also makes a great gift for the groomsmen, is an engraved flask. This is exactly the kind of gift he can enjoy now and later. You can have his initials or petname engraved onto a silver or copper flask, or opt for one with a design he’ll love, or an emblem for his favorite team.

Just make sure you pair it with a bottle of his favorite spirit! That is, of course, if your wedding venue allows alcohol on the premises.

Make Sure He Gets to the Church On Time, Looking Sharp

A watch is another great groom gift, and one that is sure to stand the test of time. If you’re not sure what kind to buy him, ask his friends for advice. Some guys prefer a timeless metal timepiece, while your groom might be into a leather band.

You can even have the back engraved, so that he’ll always remember this date – you know, your anniversary – and how much you love him.

Of course, cufflinks are another sharp groom gift. Go classic, with simple silver or gold ones, choose ones with his initials, or his old jersey number. Or, spice things up with a pair that highlights his favorite hobby. Think tiny beer mugs for your home brewer, or Superman capes for your comic book nerd.

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