Month: July 2017

Enjoy Your Wedding Day More with These Four Tips: Part One

Now that you are engaged, you are likely excited planning your dream wedding, and perhaps even anxious to get to the altar, already. But before your wedding day arrives, it can be helpful to heed some sage advice, about how to save yourself undue stress so that you can actually enjoy your big day! From… Read more »

Want to Throw an Epic Engagement Party?

If you recently became engaged, then you may have wedding planning on your mind. But before you have a ceremony and reception, why not host an engagement party to celebrate this special season in life? Many couples spend a year or more engaged, meaning it could be months before you get to celebrate actually getting… Read more »

Fun Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Be Your Bridesmaids

You may have only recently found the man of your dreams, or agreed to spend the rest of your life with him. But chances are, you have long known who else would be standing beside you during your wedding ceremony, when you decide to say your vows. We’re talking about your best friends, of course,… Read more »

Wedding Details That Really Make a Difference

When they begin wedding planning, many brides-to-be start to wonder what really matters most, when it comes to their wedding guests. After all, it would be easy to pour gobs of money into beautiful, even lavish wedding details, but if it’s stuff many guests won’t pay much attention to is that really where you want… Read more »

Want to Host an Elegant Yet Rustic Wedding?

Are you interested in celebrating your country ties, but with a decidedly elegant kind of wedding reception? If so, you may be struggling to master the mix between elegant and rustic. Fortunately, here at Texas Old Town we know a thing or two about the timeless appeal of rustic décor, and how to marry that… Read more »

Want to Get Your Fiance Excited About Wedding Planning? Part Two

We get it. Not every groom-to-be is going to be thrilled to start the wedding planning process. That could be because the term “wedding planning” brings to mind visions of Pinterest boards and discussions about beading versus embroidered details. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can get your fiancé involved in the planning process,… Read more »

Want to Get Your Fiance Excited About Wedding Planning? Part One

Does the idea of actually having fun planning your wedding with your fiance’s help sound too good to be true? For many brides-to-be, the tasks involved with wedding planning are a tough sell to their future grooms. After all, not every guy (okay, few guys!) would be stoked about helping pick bridesmaids’ dresses, or floral… Read more »

Band or DJ, What’s Right for Me?

Many couples are more excited about their wedding reception than any other part of their wedding planning. After all, who doesn’t love wedding cake, champagne toasts, and perhaps most importantly great tunes for dancing? With that in mind, sometimes the hardest decision brides and grooms-to-be have to make while wedding planning is whether to hire… Read more »

Alternatives to Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

As a bride, are you hoping to give your besties a chance to wear something other than traditional (and let’s face it, not always flattering) bridesmaids dresses? If so, the great news is that there have never been more gorgeous options for wedding attire for your whole party, including all your best pals. From tulle… Read more »

Still Trying to Find the Right Wedding Venue?

You’ve got the ring, and more importantly the man of your dreams. But now that you have begun wedding planning, are you having a hard time finding your dream wedding venue? If so, don’t fret. There are a few simple questions that can help to narrow your search, leading you to the wedding venue that… Read more »