Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Consider These Day Savers!

Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Consider These Day Savers!

Keeley and Jordan took advantage of the gorgeous views at Texas Old Town, when it came time to take their formal wedding portraits.
Photo by: Rebel with a Camera

Here at Texas Old Town, we love when our brides are blessed with picturesque wedding days, during which they can enjoy the beautiful grounds of our Hill Country venues. That said, even practically perfect outdoor weddings can still come with a few challenges of our own. That’s why we encourage brides planning outdoor ceremonies and receptions to invest in these simple day savers! They are affordable ways to ensure you look your best, and that your guests have a great time!

Make Those Programs Double As Fans

One simple way to keep guests comfortable and cool is by creating wedding programs that double as paper fans. Simply attaching double-sided cardstock programs to popsicle sticks is a great way to create simple but appreciated fans.

Prep Your New Shoes for Mud, and Slick Surfaces

Soft dirt or mud and high heels don’t mix very well. So, make sure you’re able to make a smooth walk down the aisle, and to pose for pictures without toppling over, by investing in inexpensive shoe protectors that can keep your feet steady. These are basically small plastic discs that fit around your heels, to give you a more steady base on which to stand.

You might even want to buy extra pairs for your bridesmaids, especially if you plan on shooting most of your formal pictures outside.

Hold Your Veil in Place with Magnets

A little wind can make for dynamic and romantic wedding day portraits. That said, it can also cause distractions, particularly if you feel tangled by a long veil. Veil weights are a simple solution. They use magnets to help keep your veil in place, and they can be particularly useful during outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Bug Spray Doesn’t Have to Smell Bad

No bride wants to be bitten by bugs on her wedding day. Of course, you probably don’t want to wreak of bugspray either. Luckily, there are many natural products available that help to prevent bug bites while also smelling surprisingly pleasant. These organic options are also good for anyone with sensitive skin, that could become irritated by the chemicals in traditional bugsprays.

Try a few out, leading up to the wedding, and then stock up on your favorites. That way you and your guests are protected, and smell great!

Dreaming of an Austin, TX Wedding?

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