The Most Important Things to Remember While Wedding Planning!

The Most Important Things to Remember While Wedding Planning!As a bride-to-be, your to-do list may be filling up fast. Wedding planning is no easy task. But that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming or stressful. In fact, it should be fun! Your engagement should be a time for strengthening your relationship, not eroding it with squabbles over what might be relatively petty wedding details, anyways. Here are a few ways to keep your stress in check, your wedding planning on track, and most importantly, your relationship the focus of your many efforts!

You Won’t Make Everyone Happy, so Focus On You and Your Fiance!

It’s tempting when planning a wedding, or any celebration for that matter, to want to wow your guests, and there’s nothing wrong with that sentiment. However, trying to please everybody is a surefire way to become frustrated. You can’t make everyone happy.

So, focus on making choices that make sense to you and your fiancé. If you two are happy that is what matters most.

Don’t Let Traditions Rule You

While it can be incredibly meaningful to incorporate wedding traditions, you should only include those that have meaning to you, personally. For some, this means exchanging traditional vows in a church. Others may want to write their own vows, and have an outdoor ceremony. Not into a traditional unity candle? Skip it. Or, have a wine ceremony instead.

Choose traditions that matter to you, and that will help to reinforce what matters to you. Don’t feel pressured to include any traditions that don’t.

Spend Money On What Matters, to You!

Unless you have a truly unlimited wedding budget, and few people do, you will need to prioritize your spending. Rather than focusing on how little you can afford to spend on certain parts of the wedding, try to focus your efforts on investing in the thing that matters most to you. This could mean the wedding venue and photographer, or the caterer and band.

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