Three Simple Steps for Wedding Day Success

Three Simple Steps for Wedding Day Success

If you really want to enjoy your wedding day, here’s a pro tip. Put your phone away. Better off, hand it off to someone you love!

If you want to ensure that your wedding day goes according to plan, and is as fun as can be, then there are a few simple steps that you really need to take. From what you eat (hint, it’s not nothing) to how you handle last-minute calls, here are just a few of the ways we’ve found brides can best relax and enjoy their entire wedding days, from their beauty-filled beginnings to their cinematic ends!

1. Eat a Good Breakfast! No, Really

We get it. You may feel like you’re going to be way too busy, or even nervous, to eat on your wedding day. But no matter how tight your wedding dress, or how crazy your nerves, eating breakfast (or lunch) on your wedding day can be incredibly helpful. Trust us; this is an important tip.

The last thing you want is to faint during formal pictures. Eating something can help. It can also help prevent that toast of champagne from making you feel super woozy, or tired. Plus, the best way to prevent stomach grumbles is by having something to eat prior to your ceremony, whether that means a full pancake breakfast, or simply a granola bar.

2. Pass Your Phone Off

Nothing gets brides more antsy, anxious, or even angry, than having to field a string of frantic phone calls from lost guests, late vendors, or whatever other unexpected snafus the wedding day may throw at them.

So, as you start to get ready for your big day, one of the best things you can do is to pass your phone off. Whether that’s to your day-of coordinator, or a friend or relative (who is not in the bridal party) is up to you. Just avoid the emotional roller coaster a constantly ringing phone can create, by giving it to someone you trust to field all the little questions, while only bothering you with the real emergencies.

3. Have an Emergency Kit Nearby

While you probably don’t want to have to carry anything other than your bouquet on your wedding day, there are some essentials it will be helpful to have on hand, or at least nearby. For instance, a sample-sized tube of your lipstick or gloss of choice, plus bobby pins, hairspray, oil blotting papers, etc. may prove necessary.

In most cases, having a maid-of-honor (or planner) keep these essentials for you is the best idea!

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