Want to Get Your Fiance Excited About Wedding Planning? Part One

Want to Get Your Fiance Excited About Wedding Planning? Part One

Wedding planning should be a team effort, and a time for the two of you to grow even closer together.

Does the idea of actually having fun planning your wedding with your fiance’s help sound too good to be true? For many brides-to-be, the tasks involved with wedding planning are a tough sell to their future grooms. After all, not every guy (okay, few guys!) would be stoked about helping pick bridesmaids’ dresses, or floral arrangements. However, that doesn’t mean grooms don’t want to be involved in some ways. There are actually plenty of to-do’s that can be perfect for tackling, together, as a couple. Not only does that take pressure off you, pressure that can mount and cause tension when you feel like you’re planning the entire event alone, but it can also help to make sure your groom feels involved and represented in the wedding, itself. Of course, perhaps most importantly, wedding planning can be a great bonding time for you, as a couple. So why not find things you can do, as a team?

Tackle the Tough Stuff First

One of the first things you will need to do, as a couple, is to determine the budget for your wedding day. This may be stressful, initially, especially if family members will be involved in setting the budget. However, once it’s set, the rest of planning becomes a lot easier!

Most importantly, a clearly set budget can help to prevent a lot of stress down the line. So make sure to tackle this first, and be sure that you are on the same page about how much you can really afford to spend. Then stick to this budget.

Another initial decision you should make, together, is approximately when you would like to wed. While you don’t need to have a specific date in mind, an idea of what season you’d prefer can really help you start narrowing your planning searches, from choosing wedding venues and photographers to making any necessary travel plans.

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