Want to Throw an Epic Engagement Party?

Want to Throw an Epic Engagement Party?Want to Throw an Epic Engagement Party?

Hosting an engagement party is a great way to celebrate with family and friends, before the busy season of wedding planning begins!

If you recently became engaged, then you may have wedding planning on your mind. But before you have a ceremony and reception, why not host an engagement party to celebrate this special season in life? Many couples spend a year or more engaged, meaning it could be months before you get to celebrate actually getting married. Engagement parties are a great time to show off your new ring, and more importantly for your friends and families to get to know one another, before the wedding day arrives.

Start with a Special Venue

One of the easiest ways to set the tone for a special event, like an engagement party, is by renting a special event venue. Not only does this cut down on cleaning and the stress of prepping your own place for extra visitors. It also helps ensure the event will be memorable, and some place with enough space, parking, etc. for all your guests.

Decorate with Meaningful Items

To honor the occasion, break out photos from the proposal, or display random snapshots from your time as a couple. You can also set out mementos from your travels together, or photos of your dogs or cats.

Food, Drinks and Entertainment Are What You’ll Need

Of course, what celebration would be complete without plenty of good food? Depending on the time of day you have planned your event for, be prepared to offer up lots of hearty snacks, or a complete meal. Just make sure there is plenty of food to go around. And pair it with the drinks of your choice. (Be sure to ask about your special event venue’s policies about alcohol.)

A DJ can be a great addition to an engagement party, too. That way you don’t have to stress about emcee’ing your own event, and you can trust there will be plenty of great tunes to keep the party going.

P.S. These are tips that could easily be applied to a wonderful and meaningful rehearsal dinner.

We Can Help You Find Your Dream Venue

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