Wedding Details That Really Make a Difference

Wedding Details That Really Make a Difference

We loved how Sarah and Matthew used flowers to decorate the ceremony space of their Red Bud wedding, here at Texas Old Town.

When they begin wedding planning, many brides-to-be start to wonder what really matters most, when it comes to their wedding guests. After all, it would be easy to pour gobs of money into beautiful, even lavish wedding details, but if it’s stuff many guests won’t pay much attention to is that really where you want to make your biggest investments? While there is nothing wrong with investing your wedding fund into whatever matters most to you, including small details, if you care about creating a great impression on your guests, here are a few areas that they will actually pay attention to and remember long after you say your “I do’s.”

1.    Make Your Menu Easily Visible and Extra Pretty

Guests will certainly remember whether the food at your wedding is great or not. But before they even begin eating, you can help to set the tone for the meal by creating a beautiful – and easy to spot – menu for them!

This could mean hiring a calligrapher, or asking an artistic friend, to paint the menu, or using your own handwriting to create a chalkboard menu. Just keep in mind, the size, materials and placement matter!

Hosting an elegant reception? Consider using a paint marker to pen the menu onto a gilded mirror, or an antique window frame.

Planning a more rustic celebration? Turn an old wooden door into a menu with a coat of chalk paint. Or, create your own bold and rustic statement menu by combining wood pallets.

2.    Have an Interactive “Guestbook”

Another thing that matters to guests is leaving you well wishes. While guestbooks were the traditional way of doing so, many couples now prefer more interactive approaches. This could mean asking guests to leave stamped thumbprints on a predesigned canvas, such as a painting of a tree, or it could mean using photobooth strips or Polaroids to create a scrapbook for you. Vintage postcards are another great option, and one on which guests can leave advice, date ideas, etc.

Of course, if you’ve hired a wedding videographer another wonderful option is to ask guests to leave their advice and congratulations to you, in small video clips.

3.    Give Them Something They Can Keep

If you want your guests to remember your wedding fondly, then give them a keepsake. And we’re not talking candied almonds. While edible treats like cake pops, mini pies or small jars of honey or jam are welcome favor ideas, you could also opt for something that would last a bit longer. Think, mini potted succulents that can double as escort card holders, and later home décor!

4.    Think About a Cool Ceremony Backdrop

Finally, it’s not the wedding reception that will be your guests’ first impression. It will be the ceremony space. So, even before you walk down the aisle, why not set a beautiful tone with a beautiful ceremony backdrop! This can be something simple, or more elaborate.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Wooden doors or arches are wonderfully rustic and architectural options. Many rental companies offer them!
  • Flowers are another great choice. Cascading bouquets are bold and beautiful choices, while simple flowers hung in galvanized cans or glass jars can help to dress up otherwise simple wooden altar décor.
  • If you’re hosting an evening ceremony, romantic lighting can make a bold statement. Place several battery-operated candles on tree stumps for something romantic and nature-inspired, or lanterns on vintage side tables. String lights are other classic choices, particularly when hung in unexpected ways. For instance, several strands of lights tied to a long branch can create a bold backdrop. (Just make sure you’re following manufacturers’ guidelines about how to combine strands safely!)

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