What You Need to Know about Having Drinks Before the Wedding

What You Need to Know about Having Drinks Before the Wedding

Do you and your groom plan to have a few drinks with friends before your wedding ceremony? If so, it’s incredibly important that you take this advice into consideration!

Many brides and grooms want to have a few drinks before their wedding ceremonies, as a way of helping to calm their nerves, not to mention bond with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Unfortunately, some bridal parties take their pre-ceremony celebrating a bit too far. The last thing you want is for an intoxicated and belligerent groomsmen to ruin all your formal photos, or for inebriated bridesmaids to be knocking over tables or breaking glasses during your maid-of-honor’s toast. If you do plan on having alcohol before your wedding, we suggest you heed these practical tips.

Know Your Venue’s Policy

First off, it is incredibly important to know your wedding venue’s policies about alcohol long before you arrive on your wedding day. Some may restrict it entirely. Some may limit how much can be brought on premises. Knowing the rules can help keep you safe and out of trouble.

If you are having your wedding ceremony at a church, you should be particularly respectful of the church grounds. No one wants kids finding beer cans in their classrooms on Sunday mornings!

Drink Responsibly, Before and After the Ceremony

Whether you plan to drink before the ceremony, or only at the reception, it’s important that you and your guests celebrate responsibly. This might mean having designated drivers to transport your bridal party from the hotel or home where you might be getting ready, to your ceremony venue, and later your reception. (Many bridal parties are renting party buses or limousines for this very reason!)

It’s also a good idea to have food available anytime people are drinking. This could mean having sandwiches or snacks delivered to your venue, as you get ready with mimosas, or serving up hors d’oeuvres for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

You should also have plans in place to get your guests home – or back to their hotels – safely. This might mean having taxis at the ready, or scheduling Ubers. Know the area where you’ll be wedding, and be prepared to secure transportation for anyone in need.

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