Month: August 2017

Got Questions About Wedding Planning? We Can Help

Now that your fiancé put a ring on it, you may have already eagerly jumped straight into the wedding planning process. Unfortunately, for many brides, the start of the planning process can often be the most confusing, even overwhelming. If you’re feeling a bit stumped about how to best go about planning your dream day,… Read more »

Tips for Super Stylish Wedding Day Hair: Part Two

Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. It’s why she carefully selects just the right dress, and may even go to great lengths to make it fit just perfectly. When it comes to hair, though, many brides unfortunately feel disappointed when they realize they chose a style that will soon fall flat,… Read more »

Tips for Super Stylish Wedding Day Hair: Part One

As a bride-to-be, you likely have lots of to-do’s already filling your days, from booking a wedding venue and other key vendors, to taking any steps necessary to make sure you feel and look your best come wedding day. But when it comes to your hair, specifically, how much have you actually thought about it?… Read more »

When Is a Wedding Planner Necessary?

If you are going to be getting married next year or even later, then the wedding planning process may have just begun for you. That could mean that you have only just excitedly bought a stack of wedding magazines, started a new Pinterest board for saving inspiration, or started doing research about wedding venues, florists,… Read more »

Our Favorite New Takes on Wedding Cake!

Want to serve your guests wedding cake, but hoping to do something different than the traditional cake with buttercream icing? If so, you have picked a wonderful time to wed. There are more options than ever when it comes to serving up wedding cake. From alcohol-infused creams to coffee-flavored chocolate cake, here are a few… Read more »

Special Ways to Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day

You may have dreamed about the Father Daughter dance at your wedding since you were a young girl. And he may get teary-eyed just thinking about walking you down the aisle. But what about your mom? Have you thought about how to honor her on such a special day? From gifts to flowers to plan… Read more »

Can You Put Your Decorations to Work After Your Wedding?

While you are in the throes of wedding planning, you may find yourself eager to purchase all the cute things you see, at least any that will suit your wedding décor oh so well. From unique candleholders to fancy napkins or goblets, if your garage is quickly filling with decorative items you’re not sure what… Read more »

A Few Ways to Ensure a Great Wedding Day

Every bride wants to actually enjoy her wedding day. That’s why she puts so much hard work into the wedding planning. That said, it can sure be difficult to do so when one isn’t feeling her best. Luckily, to get to the altar ready to say “I do,” there are several simple steps you can… Read more »

Don’t Forget These Wedding Day Essentials

Your wedding day should be one of the most meaningful and magical days of your life. That said, it can also feel incredibly stressful, especially if you start the day unprepared. While your dress, veil and other essentials are important and surely a huge part of wedding planning, they are not the only things you… Read more »

Tips for Planning a Romantic and Rustic Wedding Day

There has never been a better time to host a romantic yet rustic wedding day. Shows like Fixer Upper have brought the term Farmhouse Chic to a whole new level of popularity, causing both country girls and city folk, alike, to crave that seemingly effortless blend of industrial and farmhouse touches with a comfortable sense… Read more »