A Few Ways to Ensure a Great Wedding Day

A Few Ways to Ensure a Great Wedding Day

Jessica made a stunning bride, on her wedding day here at Texas Old Town. Photo by: Harper Jones

Every bride wants to actually enjoy her wedding day. That’s why she puts so much hard work into the wedding planning. That said, it can sure be difficult to do so when one isn’t feeling her best. Luckily, to get to the altar ready to say “I do,” there are several simple steps you can take the morning of your wedding, and even the night before, to help ensure you feel your best as a bride! Here are some of the best – and most practical – ways to take care of yourself leading up to and on your wedding day!

Start with a Good Meal, or at Least Some Snacks

While you might be feeling nervous when you wake up on your wedding day, don’t let that stop you from having a decent meal, or at least a light snack. This is especially important if your reception isn’t until the evening. Going into the day on an empty stomach can lead to headache and dizziness, which can be worsened if you’re drinking.

Keep Calming Loved Ones Nearby

Another key to a successful wedding day is to be surrounded by loved ones, those who support and encourage you. It helps if you ask only close friends and family to serve in your bridal party. And honestly, it’s also wise to avoid those that could stir up drama or stress you out.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

While a mimosa or two as you get ready can feel fancy, and may even help alleviate your nerves, having too much alcohol before the wedding reception (even the night before) can cause you to feel less than your best. So, be sure to drink responsibly if you are going to consume alcohol on your big day.

Pass That Phone Off, Seriously

If you’re concerned about anyone calling on your wedding day with important questions, pass your phone along to your wedding planner or a close friend who is not IN the wedding. That way, this person can field their requests without bugging you.

This is a simple tip that can help to alleviate undue stress, and keep you calm – and excited – before the wedding.

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