Can You Put Your Decorations to Work After Your Wedding?

Can You Put Your Decorations to Work After Your Wedding?

Save what you’ll use and gift (or donate, or sell) the rest; that’s our philosophy when it comes to wedding decorations!

While you are in the throes of wedding planning, you may find yourself eager to purchase all the cute things you see, at least any that will suit your wedding décor oh so well. From unique candleholders to fancy napkins or goblets, if your garage is quickly filling with decorative items you’re not sure what you’ll do with after your wedding is done, you’re not alone. Many brides feel themselves going a bit overboard when it comes to collecting décor items for their upcoming weddings, particularly those that are DIY-minded. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to become a hoarder after you say your “I do’s.” Here are a few of our favorite ways to use or let go of all the decorations you will have collected, after your wedding day is done.

Frames Are Easily Put to Use

Some of the easiest – and most practical – items to put to use after the wedding are picture frames. Save a few, or several, for filling a bookshelf or gallery wall at your own house, depending on how much space you have available. Then consider gifting the others to loved ones and friends.

While we’re not suggesting you skip Christmas this year, you could easily frame a favorite image of you and your bridesmaids from the wedding, and then send them out as thank you gifts. Your parents are also likely to appreciate a favorite image or two nicely framed. Who doesn’t love a thoughtful gesture, that just so happens to help you clear the clutter after the wedding?

Keep a Few Items and Give Away or Sell the Rest

When it comes to other decorative items you may find that a few go a long way. For instance, you may not have the space to store every vase, canning jar or ceramic pitcher you used for floral arrangements. But you could save a handful of your favorites to create a cute display in your kitchen. Or put a few small ones to use corralling toothbrushes in your bathroom, or pens on your desk.

Finding ways to create both form and function will let you smile when you see these items on a regular basis, without taking up precious storage space, or collecting dust. Give the rest to a local charity, where they can find a new life, or consider selling them. Our bi-annual Bridal Garage Sale, for instance, is a great way to let go of your décor, knowing another bride will get to use it on her big day!

Consider Donating Your Flowers

Wedding flowers often take up a good chunk of one’s budget, and yet they are only really enjoyed for a day. That is, unless you arrange to have the flowers donated to a local hospital, senior home, church or other charity, after your reception is over. This is a great way to allow their beauty to touch many other people’s lives.

If delivery of the arrangements isn’t going to work with your timeline or budget, then make plans to send each arrangement home with a loved one at the end of the night. That way they can still be enjoyed for several days after the wedding.

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