How Do I Know If I Need a Wedding Planner?

How Do I Know If I Need a Wedding Planner?Your engagement should be a time of fun, and growing your relationship with your fiance, leading up to your wedding and reception. Sadly, for many brides and grooms-to-be, it the engagement becomes a season of stress, and it’s centered largely around the prospect of actually having to plan such an important day. For many couples, hiring a wedding planner is one of the best ways to help alleviate much of that stress, while still ensuring they get to enjoy the wedding of their dreams. So, the question is, would a wedding planner be a good fit for you?

You’re Marrying Out of Town

If you’re marrying in your current city, hometown, or another city where you are super familiar and where it will be easy and convenient enough to visit, then you may very well be able to plan your Big Day on your own. However, if you’re considering a destination wedding, or one anywhere that you won’t actually be able to visit vendors in-person, you should seriously consider the many benefits of working with a wedding planner with experience in that city.

You Already Feel Swamped, Disorganized, or Simply Stressed

Whether you are in-school or working, if you already feel overwhelmed by the to-do list you carry, then adding full-time wedding planning to the mix may be more stress than you can healthfully handle. The same goes if you regularly struggle with deadlines and organization, sicne wedding planning involves keeping up with a lot of paperwork and adhering to a lot of payment schedule sand other deadlines.

A designated wedding planner can help alleviate most of this stress, for you, by reading through contracts, sending payments, and even providing tips, as needed.

You Don’t Love – or Have Any Experience – Event Planning

If you don’t enjoy the process of event planning, or don’t have any experience doing so, planning your own wedding may not be a great idea. While planning can be stressful to anyone, it may prove particularly irksome if you aren’t overly interested in the process, much less if you downright despise this kind of planning.

Asking a wedding planner to take the reigns is a great idea for brides – and groom s- who simply don’t like the idea of attending to so many details.

You Don’t Have Friends or Family Willing and Able to Help

Finally, unless you have reliable friends or family members who have already volunteered their help with the planning process, you shouldn’t assume that you will be able to delegate many tasks to them. Whether because of location or their own time commitments, many loved ones just aren’t able to help with wedding planning.

For brides who need to do much of the planning and prepping on their own, a wedding planner can be an invaluable expert, resource, assistant, and even friend, during the process.

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