How to Help Your Groom Look and Feel Great on Your Wedding Day

How to Help Your Groom Look and Feel Great on Your Wedding Day

Jordan and Derrick looked right at home at their rustic Texas Old Town wedding, thanks in part to Derrick’s cool mix of jacket and jeans! Photo by: Tony Elena Smith Photo

A lot of time and energy goes into wedding planning, specifically making a bride feel her best on her wedding day. After all, this is an event she’s likely dreamed about for years. From the dress to the hairdo, every bride wants to feel radiant and beautiful; that’s why most spare no expense when it comes to their wedding looks. But sadly, when it comes to poor grooms, their attire – and even their feelings – can sometimes be an afterthought. Even if your fiancé isn’t particularly concerned about many of the other wedding day details, though, chances are he too would like to feel his best when he stands at the altar. So, why not work together to pick an outfit – and make other decisions – that can help ensure he enjoys the day as much as you will!

Make Plans to Party Well Before the Wedding

It might not seem like a fashion-related tip, but one simple way to help ensure your groom looks and feels great come wedding day, is by planning his bachelor party for a week or more before the ceremony. No one wants to be hungover or simply exhausted during a walk down the aisle, after all.

So if his buddies are planning a party for him (and if your girls are doing the same for you!) make sure the partying occurs more than a night before the nuptials. That way you will be well-rested and relaxed when your wedding day rolls around.

And speaking of friends, choosing groomsmen who will be a good and supportive influences on the groom can be incredibly helpful come wedding day. After all, the last thing he’ll want to be worried about is rowdy and uncooperative groomsmen who are late to the rehearsal or who hold up formal photos.

So, as you are both choosing your bridal party, make sure you surround yourself with zero-drama people, who will add to your joy, not cause undue stress.

Help Him Pick a Suit – or Alternative – He Feels Great In

When your fiancé is ready to pick a suit, or other attire, put the emphasis on finding something he feels great in. Because confidence is something he shouldn’t have to fake, and his comfort will be crucial to actually enjoying your wedding celebration.

For some guys, this could mean a James Bond-esque black suit. But for others, the smart choice may be a dress shirt and jacket with a nice and well-fitted pair of jeans. Others may prefer khakis with their cowboy boots.

Being open to your guy’s suggestions and style preferences is super important, when it comes to making him feel his best as a groom! Just as trusting your own instincts and style is crucial to finding your dream wedding dress!

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