Our Favorite New Takes on Wedding Cake!

Our Favorite New Takes on Wedding Cake!

Your wedding cake should be fun and stylish, but most of all delicious!

Want to serve your guests wedding cake, but hoping to do something different than the traditional cake with buttercream icing? If so, you have picked a wonderful time to wed. There are more options than ever when it comes to serving up wedding cake. From alcohol-infused creams to coffee-flavored chocolate cake, here are a few of our favorite new wedding trends for cake, and desserts, in general!

Enjoy Elevated Flavor with These Traditional Cake Twists

Instead of heading to a bakery with no idea of what you want, why not go in with your favorite flavors – not necessarily dessert-specific ones, either – in mind. You might be surprised how many savory and unexpected flavors can be successfully incorporated into cake?

Love a good stout beer? Ask your baker about using it in the batter of your chocolate cake, or add it to a cream layer. Obsessed with coffee? Consider vanilla-latte inspired cake, or espresso-infused cream. Many fruits, including sour ones like lemon and grapefruit, can be used to create flavorful jams between the layers. You could even ask your baker to use your favorite cocktail, or dessert, as inspiration for your wedding cake. Mint mojito or Moscow Mule cake? We’re in!

Delight Them with an Unexpected Dessert

Of course, here at Texas Old Town we love reminding brides that they should feel free to break any wedding “rules” they want. This means you don’t actually have to serve cake, at all, if it’s simply not your style or taste. Sure, cupcakes and cake pops are fun alternatives to traditional wedding cake, but don’t be afraid to think even further outside the box.

Gourmet donut stations are great options, as are popcorn stands for couples that prefer a sweet and salty approach. Southern favorites are also popular choices, like homemade banana pudding, buttermilk pie or even bread pudding.

You could also rent a truck to come provide your guests with unique desserts, from ice cream cookies to sweet crepes to snow cones and popsicles!

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