Practical Wedding Purchases for the DIY Kind of Bride: Part One

Practical Wedding Purchases for the DIY Kind of Bride: Part OneEven before you got engaged, did you know that you would someday want to DIY many of your wedding details? If so, now that you are actually betrothed, you might be excited – or a bit overwhelmed – at the idea of being a DIY bride. Taking on too many DIY projects can be a recipe for burnout, if not disaster. But if you stick to those items you know you can master, and don’t try to accomplish every single one you have seen on Pinterest, then you are much more likely to succeed at wedding planning and pulling off the DIY wedding of your dreams. Plus, you’re more likely to actually enjoy the process, too! With that in mind, here are a few investments that are practical choices for the DIY bride.

Power Tools, within Reason

Rather than calling to borrow tools every time you need to sand a piece of furniture you’re revamping, or to use old pallets to create signage, etc. you may want to invest in a few basic power tools that you can use now, for DIY wedding projects, and later for home renovations. That is, of course, if you already know how to use them safely and efficiently. If not, a lesson could be in order.

A power sander and drill, for instance, are perhaps the most handy items to have.

Crafting Basics That Will Last Long After Your Celebration

Other good and quite affordable crafting investments include a good glue gun, a great pair of scissors (the kind that can easily cut fabric along with paper), and a few paints in the colors of your wedding, or white and gold, depending on the vibe you’re hoping to create and the projects you’ll be tackling, of course.

Spraypaint, for instance, is an easy way to update thrifted frames or vases, while acrylic paint is great for creating your own signs. Just make sure you also invest in decent quality brushes to suit your various tasks. Going to a designated art shop, craft store or even hardware store is a great way to ensure you get the right products for your projects, and tips from experts, as needed.

Permanent markers are another great and simple-to-use tool, perfect for everything from a creative guestbook (like a canvas, wooden sign, etc.) to addressing your invitations.

Planning A DIY Wedding?

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