Practical Wedding Purchases for the DIY Kind of Bride: Part Two

Practical Wedding Purchases for the DIY Kind of Bride: Part TwoWedding planning can be hard enough without the addition of several DIY projects to the mix. When you have lots of craft or décor projects you’re hoping to undertake, your to-do list can become a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, knowing the smart buys you will need to make and those to avoid can help tremendously when it comes to DIY wedding planning, and shopping. Of course, so can knowing a great wedding venue with reliable vendor recommendations for all those jobs you want to outsource, which Texas Old Town most certainly does!

Decorative Items You Can Really Reuse

Another good investment is in decorative items that can easily be reworked into home décor, or party gear, in the future. So while this doesn’t mean buying hundreds of glasses or dozens of tablecloth that would be nearly impossible to store, there are plenty of items that can effectively serve double duty.

Plain white dishes will look lovely on a dessert display at your wedding reception, and later for hosting simple snacks when you have friends over. A few cupcake or cake stands will also likely prove useful long after the wedding, for hosting birthday parties or baby showers.

A few classic vases, or rustic ones like vintage jars or cans, can also be put to use for special occasions, or housing grocery store bouquets after you’re wed!

What To Avoid

What you probably don’t want to do is spend hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money on items that will only be used for wedding projects, especially ones that may not be successful.

We’ve said it before, but your engagement may not be the best time to learn a new craft, especially if it’s a complicated one like sewing, embroidery, etc.

Rather than paying a lot of money to buy supplies that may soon become neglected, and also undergoing the stress of mastering a new craft, why not find local artisans – or shop sites like Etsy – for handmade items loving crafted by other creatives?

For the Many Things You Won’t Be DIYing…

And for all the details and services you decide you don’t want to DIY, there is our upcoming Bridal Fair to get to know great and reliable wedding vendors, local to the Austin area. These professionals have experience with weddings, and more specifically TOT weddings. So, whether you’re looking for a caterer, photographer, DJ, florist, cake creator, or all that and more, you won’t want to miss this event!

The Bridal Fair will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 6, 2017 here at Texas Old Town, during which visitors will have a great chance to tour all four of our unique venue spaces. While here, guests will also be invited to enjoy great snacks, live music and to sign up to win door prizes and other “Take-Away” bags!

Interested In Our Austin Wedding Venue?

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