Special Ways to Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day

Special Ways to Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding DayYou may have dreamed about the Father Daughter dance at your wedding since you were a young girl. And he may get teary-eyed just thinking about walking you down the aisle. But what about your mom? Have you thought about how to honor her on such a special day? From gifts to flowers to plan special moments during the wedding day, here are just a few of the wonderful ways you can honor your biggest cheerleader and first friend, your mom, on the biggest day of your life.

A Thoughtful Gift Means a Lot

While she’s helping you get ready for your wedding ceremony, why not give her something to commemorate the occasion. This could mean a beautiful locket with your name or birthstone, a favorite quote or word, or simply one that suits her style. It could also mean a collage frame or handmade scrapbook filled with wonderful memories the two of you have shared. The cost isn’t as important as making it something personal and meaningful.

Honor Her During the Ceremony or Reception

Another way to celebrate your mom, though, is by honoring and including her during your actual wedding ceremony and/or reception. As you walk down the aisle you could stop to give her a flower, or even a kiss on the cheek. You could also invite her to read a meaningful scripture passage; that is if you don’t think she would become too emotional.

Asking her – or any other special members of your family – to share in a prayer with you and your groom, or to be involved in a unity candle, sand or similar part of the ceremony, is another way to help her feel involved.

Then, at the wedding reception, consider playing her favorite upbeat song to dance to together. Or, thank her by name during the speeches portion of the evening. Just make sure she knows how special she is – and always will be – to you.

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