Time-Saving Tips For Finishing Your Wedding Invitations

Time-Saving Tips For Finishing Your Wedding Invitations

Want to make sending out your wedding invites as simple as possible? Consider our best tips!

Ah, wedding invites! Who doesn’t love receiving them in the mail? Yet what bride doesn’t have at least a bit of dread at the idea of having to address them? Getting a wedding guest list together can be stressful enough. When a bride realizes she actually has to address all those invites, it can be quite the deflating realization. Fortunately, addressing and getting your wedding invites in the mail doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task. Here are a few of our favorite tips to make the job a bit easier, faster, and maybe even fun!

Take Time to Create an Electronic Address List

First off, while it might seem like more work, upfront, creating an organized electronic guest list can actually save you a lot of time – and frenzy – in the long-run. So, when you and your fiance first begin planning your wedding guest list, go ahead and neatly type it up. Not only is an electronic copy far easier to edit than a handwritten copy would be, it is also much easier to duplicate and send out than handwritten copies would be.

Since many of your friends and family will be invited to multiple events leading up to the wedding, for instance engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties, having a convenient list can be so helpful. Consider organizing names alphabetically, by guest type (family, close friend, etc.), or even by whose side of the aisle they will be sitting on.

Depending on what program you use, you might even be able to print the addresses directly on your envelopes! Just pick a pretty font and be ready to babysit your printer for a while!

Invest In a Cute, Personalized Address Stamp

Another super simple way to cut down on time spent addressing invites, without looking as if you took the easy way out, is by investing in a cute return address stamp you can use now, and after the wedding to send thank you’s.

There are lots of designs available online. Just make sure you order one early enough that you have it for all the addressing in your future!

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