Tips for Super Stylish Wedding Day Hair: Part One

Tips for Super Stylish Wedding Day Hair: Part One

Getting ready should be a fun part of your wedding day, not a source of stress. Having the right stylist can make a world of difference! Photo by: Two Fish Photography

As a bride-to-be, you likely have lots of to-do’s already filling your days, from booking a wedding venue and other key vendors, to taking any steps necessary to make sure you feel and look your best come wedding day. But when it comes to your hair, specifically, how much have you actually thought about it? Having the perfect hairdo can certainly help to inspire confidence for you, as a bride. But what is the perfect do? Well, here are just a few ways to help you decide the best way to make sure your tresses look picture perfect for your wedding ceremony and all through your dance party of a reception!

Work with What Your Momma Gave You

Since this is such a special occasion, you might be tempted to go with some dramatic updo or something way out of character. That said, in many cases the best hairdo is the one that looks like an elevated version of your usual style.

Following trends, or trying something way out of the norm, can cause you to end up feeling overly fussy or simply not yourself. It can also cause regrets when you look back on the resulting photos years later.

Futhermore, trying to work against your hair’s natural look or texture can make it much harder for the hairstyle to hold up during the long day, especially if the weather is anything less than ideal!

So, rather than straightening your naturally curly or wavy hair, why not consider choosing a style you love that highlights your natural curves. Got stick straight hair? Instead of forcing perfect ringlets, see if you and your hairdresser can come up with an updo you love.

And when it comes to coloring, make sure you have the color done a few weeks prior to the wedding day, so you don’t run into any last minute emergencies.

By the way, a tip from most hair stylists is to stick to a hair color close to what you normally wear, whether that’s natural or professionally achieved. Going too dramatic with dyes can cause you to feel less like yourself on the biggest day of your life. You also want your fiancé to recognize you as you walk down the aisle. While we’re not saying you should avoid a shade you really love, we are simply reminding you that the week of your wedding is probably not the best time to experiment with new shades, or a new stylist, for that matter!

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