Wondering How to Create Your Wedding Timeline?

Wondering How to Create Your Wedding Timeline?

Here at Texas Old Town we give our couples long days of venue access, so they can enjoy everything from getting ready to the romantic last kiss. Photo by: Angela Lally Photography

Wedding planning requires making a lot of decisions, but few will be as helpful or important as creating your wedding day timeline. The timeline helps ensure all your vendors – not to mention your bridal party – know when and where they need to be throughout the day. They also help ensure that you make it to the altar on time, which is fairly important. Fortunately, creating the perfect wedding day timeline doesn’t have to feel complicated, much less daunting. Here are a few tips that can help!

Talk to Your Wedding Vendors

From your photographer to your caterer, florist to DJ, it is incredibly important that your wedding vendors know when to arrive, and when they’ll exit. It’s also important you know those things, so that you can make the best use of your time and theirs.

For instance, if you have a dramatic exit planned, you will want your photographer there to capture it. Make sure you plan coverage accordingly.

Have a large wedding party, including eight bridesmaids? One hair and makeup artist will not be enough to get everyone ready before the ceremony. So you will need to plan – and budget – accordingly.

Wondering how to start on your timeline? Your wedding venue or your wedding photographer is likely to have a sample timeline to help you get started. You can also find sample timelines available online. Just make sure you cater the basic draft to fit your specific needs.

Be Realistic About How Much Time You Need

A wedding day certainly proves the old adage true, that “time is money.” The longer you hire your various wedding vendors, the more money you’ll need to be prepared to dish out. You also need to be aware of any additional fees that might be charged, if you do ask for additional coverage the day of the wedding.

That said, by being practical – even clever – when it comes to how much time you need, you can help to keep within your budget, while still enjoying the wedding of your dreams.

Another tip is to choose a wedding venue that will allow you plenty of time to decorate and still have the long reception you want, without having to pay for additional time.

Planning Your Dream Wedding?

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