Month: September 2017

Selecting The Right People For Your Wedding Party

You will have many decisions to make over the course of planning your wedding. Selecting the right space, securing the right vendors, and finding the right dress are all important considerations. Of course, one prospect that may feel especially daunting is selecting the right people for your wedding party. You may be worried that there… Read more »

Finding Your Own Way To Honor Wedding Traditions

There are many traditions that have helped shape what we think of when we think of the ideal wedding. As familiar as they are, you can still find ways to put your own spin on things, so that you can honor the past while still showing off your personality. While you may want to stick… Read more »

An All-Inclusive Wedding Package Can Relieve Planning Stress

A wedding allows you to gather friends and family to help you celebrate your lasting love. This is a momentous occasion for anyone’s life, but it is not without some challenges. After all, you need to plan decorations, select your guests, arrange your reception, choose your bridal gown and work on your wedding look…it can… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Plan A Memorable Wedding Reception

A gorgeous ceremony can be a powerful, memorable moment – in fact, when many people think about their wedding, this is the moment they often picture. Of course, this is only part of the overall wedding experience. Your wedding reception can be a big part of how people remember their time at your wedding. This… Read more »

Be Prepared For Wedding Day Surprises

If you want to be truly prepared for your wedding, think about how ready you are in the event that something goes wrong. Is your planning schedule leaving you enough room to handle last-minute delays? Are you ready to step in if someone is unable to accomplish something they swear they can handle on their… Read more »

Putting Your Own Spin On Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions can be hugely helpful when it comes to planning a wedding. After all, many of the steps we need to take when it comes to preparations, and the ceremony itself, are outlined by rich history. Many brides look forward to contributing to longstanding customs, but you shouldn’t feel bound by tradition when it… Read more »

Enjoying Fabulous Hair And Makeup On Your Wedding Day

A stunning bride can capture attention thanks to the right dress, but you will also want to pay attention to other details. Selecting the right accessories can help complete your look, and so can your choices regarding your hair and makeup. Unsure of who you can count on for this kind of work? Talking with… Read more »

Making Sure Your Wedding Reflects Your Personality

What does it take to make sure your wedding reflects your personality? The setting certainly matters – Texas Old Town offers several venue sites you can choose from, each offering a gorgeous outdoor setting for your ceremony, and an indoor area for your reception. While location can make a real impact, little touches can help… Read more »

Finding A Caterer Who Suits Your Tastes

Your reception affords your wedding guests time to gather together, socialize, and take time to congratulate you and your new spouse. While your ceremony creates memorable images and moments, the reception offers a less structured environment to commemorate and celebrate the day. One way to ensure a successful reception is through the food you provide,… Read more »

Choosing Gifts For The People In Your Wedding Party

Some brides will rely on an all-inclusive package to make sure their wedding is properly prepared. Others will look for DIY projects they can take on to add a personal touch to their ceremony. However, no matter what you do to prepare for your big day, the members of your wedding party will be there… Read more »