Choosing Your Wedding Cake

A beautiful, tiered wedding cake is an iconic image, and the right cake can be a truly memorable part of your ceremony. When you make your choice about what cake to offer, you have many choices to consider. Will your cake feel appropriate in your wedding venue? How can you be sure you have enough for your guests? What flavor should you choose? Of course, some of these choices are simply a matter of personal taste – it’s your special day, you have every right to pick a cake you can’t wait to eat. With smart planning, you can make a selection that reflects your style, fits your surroundings, and makes your guests eyes widen…and their mouths water.

Picking The Right Cake For Your Surroundings

Are you worried about high temperatures affecting your cake? If you are, think twice about whipped cream, meringue, and butter cream, as all of these can create worrying melting issues. If you have high ceilings, you can use columns to add impressive size to your cake. The person you hire to prepare your cake can help you with technical considerations you might overlook.

Thinking About Cake Design

You want your wedding cake to stand out, but you want it to stand out for the right reasons. A cake that clashes with the decorative style on display in the reception area can be met with less approving glances. Think about your cake’s impact as a decorative piece as you determine how you want it to look. That way, you can use it to complement your style choices, and really impress attendees.

Have Enough To Share!

Style matters, but guests will be less thrilled with a stunning cake if they can’t have any! Make sure you have enough for your expected guests. Many people save by acquiring a smaller decorative cake, then providing a sheet cake of matching flavor to provide dessert for most of those in attendance.

Let Texas Old Town Host Your Wedding!

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