Enjoying Fabulous Hair And Makeup On Your Wedding Day

A stunning bride can capture attention thanks to the right dress, but you will also want to pay attention to other details. Selecting the right accessories can help complete your look, and so can your choices regarding your hair and makeup. Unsure of who you can count on for this kind of work? Talking with friends and family can help, and many professionals have examples of their work online you can examine. If you need a nudge in the right direction, Texas Old Town does include stylists in our list of recommended area vendors.

Figuring Out Your Look For Your Big Day

Setting up trial session will help in the planning of your wedding look. Your makeup stylist can study your complexion and features, so that they can create the look that best suits you. A trial session with your hair stylist will give them an idea of how to work with your hair to identify any issues that might make your ideal style harder to execute. Thanks to these sessions, you will have less concern about last-minute hiccups slowing down your preparation.

Make Sure Your Hair And Makeup Stylists Have The Time They Need To Take Care Of Your Bridal Party

Many will entrust their hair and makeup to stylists during the big day, so they can avoid stress over handling these responsibilities themselves. In fact, having professionals on hand to handle the hair and makeup for your bridal party will take one big task off your plate in your wedding preparations. When selecting a stylist, make sure they provide you with an idea of how long they expect the work to take, especially if you have a larger bridal party. That way, you can allot the appropriate time, and avoid scrambling to be prepared in time for your ceremony.

Enjoy A Fabulous Wedding Celebration At Texas Old Town!

At Texas Old Town, you can find a beautiful setting for your ceremony. We offer several venues to choose from, with a gorgeous outdoor ceremony area, and ideal indoor spaces for your reception. Our Austin Wedding Venue is also conveniently located near San Marcos and San Antonio. Texas Old Town is sure to make your wedding, special event, or corporate event truly remarkable! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.