Selecting The Right People For Your Wedding Party

You will have many decisions to make over the course of planning your wedding. Selecting the right space, securing the right vendors, and finding the right dress are all important considerations. Of course, one prospect that may feel especially daunting is selecting the right people for your wedding party. You may be worried that there simply are not enough spaces available to choose everyone you want to share your day with. You may be worried that you will end up asking too much of people like your maid of honor, who can be tasked with real responsibilities. With a little forethought, and some clear communication up front, you can take the necessary steps to assemble the wedding party that’s just right for you.

Selecting Your Wedding Party Members

Who should you pick for your wedding party? That depends on your personal relationships – just remember, once someone agrees to be in the party, they’re in. Consider your choices carefully before you start asking.

How Big Should My Wedding Party Be?

While many people stick with four wedding party members on each side of the aisle, there is no law stating that you can’t add a few more. That being said, a larger wedding party can feel unbalanced in a smaller ceremony, and adding more people can lead to more preparation.

What Should I Expect From The Members Of My Wedding Party

Your honor attendants will have more on their plate than the other members of your wedding party, and you should carefully consider who in your life will be up to those demands. If you need more support from the other members of your wedding party, make that clear up front. Your close friends and family are likely excited to help you, but that doesn’t mean you should feel free to surprise them with sudden requests.

Holding Your Wedding At Texas Old Town

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