Wondering What to Serve Guests at Your Wedding Reception?

Wondering What to Serve Guests at Your Wedding Reception?Wedding planning can feel like a lot of work, but few decisions should be more fun to make as a couple than choosing a caterer. Feeling stumped as to what meal you want to serve up to your guests, though? The old adage says that food is the way to a man’s heart, but we believe food is actually a pretty great way to anyone’s heart, perhaps especially your many guests. To make sure they enjoy their meals, and the reception as a whole, make sure you choose foods based on your favorite tastes, not any outdated wedding traditions!

Go for Something Hearty and Comforting

For many couples, the best way to plan a menu is simply by choosing foods that bring comfort rather than whatever seems the most traditional or even trendy. In fact, it’s really hard to go wrong when you follow your taste buds.

Considering plated or buffet, five-star caterer or food truck? Go with the one that seems the most fun to you, or simply the one that provides your very favorite food. Or, of course, you could let your budget be your guide. Buffet-style meals tend to be less expensive, since they require fewer waiters. Whatever option you do choose, just make sure the food is plentiful, so no one goes home hungry, or has to leave early to go get a snack. (Stuck on trying to find the right caterer? Ask your venue for vendor recommendations!)

Consider Fun Alternatives to the Traditional Fish or Chicken Choices

Sure, chicken and fish were long considered the wedding menu standards. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit your menu to those two potentially boring options. Choosing your favorite meal, flavor profile, or even restaurant as inspiration can be a great way to create a unique menu that will leave guests full and ready to have fun at the rest of your wedding reception.

When it comes to the reception hour, as well, don’t be afraid to go with classic finger foods, even if they are informal. As long as they are

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