How To Wear Your Hair At Your Wedding

Photo by A. Gamble Photo

There is no single requirement for how every bride should wear their hair on their wedding day – you have the freedom to pursue the style that feels right for you. While some brides will choose to walk down the aisle with a more conservative or dressed up style, others will want to make bolder choices. When you discuss your preferences with your stylist, consider how your hairstyle might show – or hide – your neckline, your shoulders, or your jewelry. It is important to remember that each style choice you make should work towards a complete and cohesive bridal look.

Weighing Your Options

If you are debating what option might work best for you, there are a few factors to consider. One is the weather – how will a particular style hold up against the heat, or the humidity? You should also think about your preferred length, and how easy it is to control your hair with a curling iron.

Taking Part In A Trial Session With Your Stylist

With a trial session, you can work out your wedding look, while also determining what it will take to make that look happen. If you intend to manipulate your hair’s natural texture, the process can be more involved. You and your stylist can discuss ways to avoid unnecessary delays. For instance, if you have curly hair that you want to wear straight, straightening it the night before your wedding can be a big time saver. This trial run can also alert you to any obstacles that will need to be worked around. If your hair simply isn’t long enough for the look you want to wear, you can work on a pleasing alternative style, or consider wearing extensions.

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