Planning Your Reception Dinner

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

Your ceremony will be a cherished moment, but the wedding reception is where you have a chance to breathe a little easier, and really engage with your guests. One thing you certainly do not want to overlook when it comes to your reception is what food to serve. You can exercise real creativity when it comes to what you serve, and how you serve it. Some people want to have a more formal, traditional reception dinner, while others like to shake things up with a more relaxed approach. While there is no single “right” way to plan your dinner, it is certainly possible to plan your event in a way that feels best suited to you, and your guests.

Your Serving Options

Your serving options typically break down between serving plated meals, offering a buffet, or serving food family style. Plated meals require more support from a wait staff, and is often associated with more formal settings. This will allow you to control how the food is portioned, to help you avoid running short of something unexpectedly. Buffet style servings can allow guests to serve themselves, while family style provides guests with serving platters at their tables.

Providing Appetizers For Your Guests

Having something small for people to snack on when they arrive can help curb appetites. This can be appreciated by guests who have been putting off eating, as well as members of your wedding party, who may have been too preoccupied to enjoy a meal earlier in the day.

Can Your Favorite Restaurant Cater Your Wedding?

Not every restaurant offers catering services, but if you have a place you are interested in, you can always check. If they do not serve for events, they may be able to make helpful recommendations.

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