Preparing For Your Pre-Wedding Events

Between your engagement and your wedding day, you can look forward to several events to help you commemorate this big life change. These engagements can vary considerably in tone – for instance, a bridal shower is usually a more reserved affair than your bachelorette party. These events leading to your wedding day can help celebrate your upcoming marriage, while also helping you bond with, and show appreciation for, the people in your wedding party. Making the most of these events can help relieve planning stress, but most importantly, they are great excuses to get together with friends and have some fun!

Your Bridal Shower And Bridesmaid Luncheon

Your bridal shower does not have a set list of who you need to invite, but this event is generally reserved for people you are closer to. This is usually arranged by your maid of honor, or your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaid luncheon is your chance to show appreciation for the people in your wedding party. This can serve as an opportune time when a bride will provide the attendant gifts for her bridesmaids.

Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are often stereotyped as wild affairs, but the bride and groom should not feel like they have to push their limits. These gatherings are an opportunity to enjoy your ideal guys’ or girls’ night out, which can take whatever form fits you and your circle of close friends best. These outings typically happen within a week or so of the wedding date.

Your Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner affords you an opportunity to perform a practice run for your wedding. This trial ceremony will help ensure everyone is on the same page during the ceremony, which can help the people in your wedding party feel more at ease on the big day.

Make The Most Of Your Pre-Wedding Events, Then Enjoy A Wonderful Ceremony At Texas Old Town

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