Selecting And Ordering Flowers For Your Wedding

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Your flower arrangements can be one of the most visible, and most striking, elements of your decorations when it comes to your wedding. You can take the time to add flower arrangements at your ceremony entrance, or around the altar, to create an impressive visual. Arrangements at your reception tables can also add an element of style to your affair. Of course, there are other areas where you will need to select flowers. You will have your bridal bouquet, and you will need to find the right boutonniere for your groom. The members of your wedding party can also require flowers. If you are searching for the right florist to help you find the right choices for your wedding, Texas Old Town can help you find the right vendor for your needs.

Selecting Bouquets And Boutonnieres

Generally speaking, you, your maid or matron of honor, and your bridesmaids will all need bouquets. Bridesmaid bouquets generally match, but you should not feel obligated to this tradition if you want to try something different. As for your needs concerning boutonnieres, your groom will have one that complements the bridal bouquet. Additional boutonnieres can be selected for the groomsmen, as well as your officiant, and the fathers of the bride and groom. If you wish to acquire additional boutonnieres for your ushers, or other individuals, you can do so. You can also opt to purchase corsages for mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom.

Using Flower Arrangements As Decorative Pieces For Your Ceremony And Reception

You should feel free to exercise creativity when it comes to decorating, but when it comes to decorating with flowers, pay attention to how your choices interact with your surroundings, and see how they complement your wedding colors. Your florist can help you create appealing arrangements that add to your ceremony and reception spaces.

The Right Flower Selections Can Add Magic To Your Texas Old Town Wedding

Finding the right flower selections can help you add personal style to your wedding at Texas Old Town. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.