Taking On The Task Of Assembling Your Guest List

Professional Photo by: Tony Smith Photos

Developing your guest list can be one of the most important parts of wedding planning…and potentially the most frustrating. Deciding who to invite to your wedding can be challenging for many reasons. You may be stuck on how much of the guest list should consist of family members versus friends, or unsure if you should invite people who live a great distance away. The process can be especially tough if you are unsure of how many people you can afford to invite. The selection process deserves your full attention. With smart planning, you can make the process more manageable, and put together the right guest list for your upcoming wedding.

Determining The Size Of Your Guest List

The size of your wedding will obviously play a part in your selection process. If you want to have a more intimate ceremony, you are going to have to leave more people off of your list. Study how the size of your list impacts your budget, and commit to a final number before determining invitations.

Developing Relationship Categories Can Help You Figure Out Who To Invite

One thing that can make planning easier is to break your personal relationships into categories. You can separate relatives from friends, and school friends from work friends – any category that is meaningful for you can be considered. One way to determine whether someone should be invited is to think about their relationship to both of you. Friends who have never met your future spouse may have less of a claim to an invitation than those who have.

If your parents are contributing to the cost of your wedding, keep in mind that they may have input on who should be at your wedding. They may prefer that you invite more family members, even if they are closer to your parents than they are to you.

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