Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

Professional Photo By: Pine & Blossom Photography

Your ring bearer and flower girl will have pretty simple jobs, and any mistakes they might make are typically more adorable than disruptive. Of course, involving children in a ceremony can bring a few challenges. After all, they may be uncomfortable with all the attention they receive as they walk down the aisle, and particularly young children may be unclear on exactly what is expected of them. With a little smart planning, you can make sure your ring bearer and flower girl enjoy their involvement in your wedding. It is also worth noting that traditions around these roles can be more relaxed, so you can feel more free to change their responsibilities. These modifications can add unique touches to your ceremony, but you can also feel free to adjust their responsibilities, to create less stress for the kids…and for yourself.

Selecting Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

Typically, the ring bearer and flower girl you select will be children of close relatives, or (if you have any) your children or godchildren. Younger children are primarily used in these roles, but keep in mind that particularly young children may be difficult to incorporate into your ceremony.

Working With The Youngest Members Of Your Wedding Party

You can modify how the role your flower girl and ring bearer have in your wedding. Many people will opt to give the ring bearer fake rings to walk down the aisle, so there is no risk of them losing your actual wedding rings. If you do decide to let them carry the actual rings, provide them as close to time for them to make the walk as possible to limit the possibility of something going wrong. Flower girls can throw flower petals, carry a bouquet, or throw something like confetti. If you worry they might feel uncomfortable in their roles, having their parents sitting near the front, where they can be easily seen, can help kids feel more relaxed.

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