Month: November 2017

Preparing Wedding Invitations And Thank-You Notes

Preparing wedding invitations and writing thank-you notes can feel less than glamorous, but both offer you a chance to express affection and gratitude to the people in your life. Because they typically follow a Save The Date message, wedding invitations are not likely to be a surprise for your future guests. That being said, it… Read more »

Working With Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer can capture beautiful moments during your wedding ceremony and reception, and give you a record of your special day. You can arrange to have your photographer to create images of more than just the wedding itself. Couples will often have their photographer on site to document the preparation process, take photographs with… Read more »

How To Work Effectively With Your Wedding Planner

As they help prepare for your special day, your wedding planner will need support from a particular person – you! After all, their goal is to help create an event that fits the image you currently have for your ceremony and reception. That means they need to have a clear idea of what you want…. Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Throw An Inspired Office Holiday Party

The end of the year is often a great time to take a moment, and show appreciation for your staff. Many companies will show gratitude with a special year-end holiday event. By bringing everyone together for a good time, you can help your employees feel more connected to each other, and more energized about the… Read more »

Setting Up A Trial Session To Plan Your Hair And Makeup

In order to make sure their hair and makeup look amazing on their big day, many brides will hire professional stylists to prepare them. Before the actual ceremony, you should look forward to a trial session. During a trial session, you and your stylists (or stylist, if you have one person for both hair and… Read more »

3 Advantages To Hosting A Winter Wedding

While many people fail to consider winter as a viable season for wedding, other couples have found surprising benefits to booking their ceremony in the colder months. Booking your wedding in winter, when there may be fewer professional opportunities for wedding vendors, can help you find unexpected discounts, and see less competition for professionals. You… Read more »

Selecting Attire For Your Wedding Party

Finding the right tuxedo for the groom, and the perfect dress for the bride, are important parts of wedding planning. Of course, these are not the only fashion choices you will need to make while you prepare for your big day. You and your partner will need to select an appropriate look for the members… Read more »

Relying On An All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Many couples who want to make sure they have all of their wedding planning responsibilities taken care of will purchase an all-inclusive wedding package. Purchasing this package will mean you have support for your preparatory efforts, and ensure that you will be able to deliver a wonderful wedding experience. The support you enjoy will include… Read more »

Planning A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding

Hosting a smaller, more intimate wedding can help you lower your planning costs, but the benefits of this approach extend to more than just your bank statement. When you plan a smaller wedding, you can feel more connected to your guests. You can also take on decorative projects and DIY wedding projects that would be… Read more »

Ideas For Serving A Memorable Meal At Your Reception Dinner

You want your guests to enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony, and you want to provide plenty of fun at your reception dinner. A successful reception will partly depend on your choice in decorations, and the entertainment you plan for the evening. Of course, to truly celebrate the evening, you want to make sure you deliver… Read more »